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Malabrigo Craft Along! Come join us!

Malabrigo Craft Along! Come join us!

We are hosting our Malabrigo Craft Along! Bring in Malabrigo Yarns purchased through our store and craft as a community! We will gather to craft on Saturday July 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th from 11:30am-1pm. Attendance to 4 or more Saturdays will enter you into a drawing for a Malabrigo prize! We are excited to craft with you!

Please RSVP for our Craft Along by filling out this form to help us know how many people will be joining us.

We have created a list of pattern suggestions, or feel free to provide your own. 

Pattern suggestions:

Sophie’s Scarf - PetiteKnit (DK) Ravelry: Sophie Scarf pattern by PetiteKnit
Favorite Flannel - Alicia Plummer (DK) Ravelry: Favorite Flannel pattern by Alicia Plummer
Maven Top - Rachael Raimo - Maven Crafted (light Fingering/sock) Ravelry: Maven Top pattern by Rachael Raimo - Maven Crafted
Ripple Crop Top - Jessie Maed Designs (light Fingering/sock) Ravelry: Ripple Crop Top pattern by Jessie Maed Designs
EasyPeasy Bandana - Susanne Muller - (DK + mohair) Ravelry: EASYPEASY Bandana pattern by Susanne Müller
Clouds Roads Shawl - Deunyn Knits Designs (fingering/sock + mohair) Ravelry: Cloud Roads Shawl pattern by Julia Decker
Sylvie Shawl - Toni Lipsey - Tunisian Crochet (fingering/sock) Ravelry: Sylvie Shawl pattern by Toni Lipsey
Adore Shawl - Toni Lipsey - Crochet (DK) Ravelry: Adore Shawl pattern by Toni Lipsey
Harmonize - Designs by Romi (fingering) Ravelry: Harmonize pattern by Rosemary (Romi) Hill
Wisp Tank - Caitlin Hunter (mohair + mohair = DK) Ravelry: Wisp Tank pattern by Caitlin Hunter
Anker’s Summer Shirt - PetiteKnit (fingering/sock + mohair = DK) Ravelry: Anker's Summer Shirt pattern by PetiteKnit
Weekend Shorty Socks - Summer Lee Designs Co. (fingering/sock) Ravelry: Weekend Shorty Socks pattern by Summer Lee
Ellie Summer Top - Rust Knitwear Designs (fingering/sock) Ravelry: Ellie Summer Top pattern by Simone Ryan
Diaphanous Raglan Sweater - Jessie Maed Designs (Fingering/sock + Mohair = DK) Ravelry: Diaphanous Raglan pattern by Jessie Maed Designs
The Weekender - Andrea Mowry (DK + Mohair = Worsted) Ravelry: The Weekender pattern by Andrea Mowry
Vellichor - Andrea Mowry (Fingering/sock) Ravelry: Vellichor pattern by Andrea Mowry
Ranunculus - Midori Hirose (Mohair Lace, Sock or DK + Mohair = Worsted) Ravelry: Ranunculus pattern by Midori Hirose
Love Note - Tin Can Knits (Fingering/sock + Mohair = DK) Ravelry: Love Note pattern by tincanknits

Flax Light - Tin Can Knits - (Fingering/Sock) Ravelry: Flax Light pattern by tincanknits 

Overlay Cowl - Kira K Designs - (Fingering/Sock) - Ravelry: Overlay Cowl pattern by Kira Dulaney
Mandala Hat - Kira K Designs - (Fingering/Sock) - Ravelry: Mandala Hat pattern by Kira Dulaney
Swerve Shawl - Kira K Designs - (Fingering/Sock) - Ravelry: Swerve Shawl pattern by Kira Dulaney 

Wind and Sea Shawl - Kira K Designs - (Fingering/Sock) - Ravelry: Wind and Sea Shawl pattern by Kira Dulaney 
Lattice Pullover - Kira K Designs - (DK) - Ravelry: Lattice Pullover pattern by Kira Dulaney

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