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Cocoknits Jumbo Stitch Stoppers

Cocoknits Jumbo Stitch Stoppers


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Cocoknits created these soft flexible stoppers that would slide onto your needles and keep the stitches from sliding off.

They are cylinders made of durable, EVA foam in a variety of sizes with an opening in the middle that accommodate everything from size 15 (or the cord of an interchangeable needle set) to a US 19. 

If there were ever a time to use stitch stoppers, it is when using jumbo yarn! Inspired by the beautiful muted colors of the California desert, enjoy our new Jumbo Stitch Stoppers. (P.S. The centers of the stoppers might be big enough to use for your smaller knitting needles! Poke a hole in them and pop them on your small needle tips, rather than toss them out!)

Accommodate needle sizes US 15–19 (10–16 mm)

  • 4 each of 3 sizes
  • 12 pieces total
  • Made of EVA foam
  • Formamide and formaldehyde free

- Slide all the way on to your needles (not just the tip) to hold stitches. Use them to turn any double-point or circular needle into a stitch holder.
- Slide the Stitch Stoppers onto circular needles or interchangeable needle cords to keep stitches secure while you are trying on your top-down knitted garments.

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