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Textile Makerspace

Textile Makerspace

Aranea Craft Studio

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Welcome to Our Textile Makerspace!

 Membership Benefits:

  1. Optimal Value for Regular Users: Subscribing members who utilize the space more than twice a month will derive maximum benefits.

  2. Inclusive Support for Needle Artists: Specifically catering to knitters, crocheters, and other needle artists, we're offering complimentary entry to MALs (make-alongs, knit-alongs, etc).

  3. Comprehensive Facility Access: All members will have access to our classroom and communal areas, subject to availability (please refer to the calendar). Moreover, members can enjoy a wide array of tools and equipment, including a growing collection of resources such as books, break room supplies, sewing machines, overlock machines, cutting tables, warping boards, fiber processing equipment, photography lights/backdrops, spinning wheels, and weaving looms. Please note that usage guidelines for wheels and looms will be provided to avoid scheduling conflicts.

  4. Discounts: 10% regular discount on yarn & fabric as well as additional discount on select services.

Supporting Our Makerspace:

By becoming a part of our Makerspace, you're contributing directly to funding our operational expenses, staffing, space enhancements, and the ongoing maintenance and expansion of our equipment.

It's essential to note that membership does not include instructional services, which are available separately.


Guidelines for Makerspace Users:

To ensure a harmonious experience for all, Makerspace users are kindly requested to adhere to the following guidelines, which will be finalized with the help of our initial members:

  1. Agreement to Terms of Use: All users must agree to our terms of use.
  2. Respect for Space and Community: Respectfulness towards the space and fellow community members is essential.
  3. Calendar Awareness: Please consult our calendar, located at the bottom of our home page, to avoid scheduling conflicts with any classes or usage of the classroom space and its associated equipment.


We are dedicated to providing a conducive environment for your creative pursuits and look forward to your time at our studio.

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